Published September 7, 2020

GLS20 Gives Men in Transition Home Understanding of Their Worth

In 2020, the Global Leadership Network took on a new initiative with ministries in the U.S.  serving those who would otherwise not be able to access the leadership training provided at The Global Leadership Summit. Because of the generosity of our incredible donors, this year we were able to bring the Summit to thousands of leaders, including incarcerated men and women in prisons across the U.S., at-risk youth, trafficking survivors, as well as those served by crisis and addiction centers.

We were also excited to bring the Summit to people living in homeless shelters and transition homes!

One of the ministries taking part in the Summit this year was the Men of Valor prison ministry. Founded by Carl Carlson who came to Jesus in prison in the 1970’s, Men of Valor serves men transitioning out of prison. Today, they have transitional accommodations for 93 men and are reaching every prison in the state of Tennessee with the help of an amazing staff and hundreds of volunteers.

Men of Valor Staff Team

Men of Valor Staff Team

Curt Campbell, who’s been on staff since 2005 and has been volunteering since 1997 when Men of Valor was founded, was thrilled with the opportunity to share the Summit with not just the staff team, but also the very men they serve.

“Our Men of Valor staff team has been attending the Summit at a Nashville, Tennessee, location for years,” said Curt. “It has been THE highlight training for me and our staff—always a much-needed shot in the arm providing encouragement, tools and inspiration for the journey. But to be able to share the experience with the men served by our ministry this year, sitting in the same room, learning and growing together, was absolutely incredible!”

Men of Valor guests watching GLS20

Men of Valor guests watching GLS20

“Most of our guys are less than a year out of prison, and though they did not perceive themselves as leaders prior to the Summit, they all walked away with a profound understanding that God can use them in powerful ways if they will live with an intentional mindset to love others and lead well by example.”

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” exclaimed Curt. “I have given donations to the Summit every year for the past decade, but never dreamed some of the ‘unreached’ recipients would be the guys I have the privilege to work with every single day. What a blessing!”

To those of you who gave and continue to give to support the ministry of the Global Leadership Network, thank you. “Thanks for doing what you guys do to help encourage the folks in the trenches!” said Curt. “We are blessed beyond measure.”

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